Where to stay in Viñales?

We would recommend you 10 houses in Viñales where you could stay. We choosed casas that we know you will feel good. There are not specialy the most LUXIOURIOUS ones, but they are clean, nice and beautiful, with beautiful people inside! And with good prices.

You can contact us and we will put you in contact with the houses! Don’t hesitate !

First, do you know anything about Viñales?

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Name: Tania Junco
Adress: Calle Camilo Cienfuegos #19A, entre Adela Azcuy y Celso Maragoto

Independent access (3 persons) with air



Name: Aurora Garcia Valdez

Adress: Calle Sergio Dopico #38

2 rooms (Room 1: 3 persons/ Room 2: 4 persons)

Independent access for 1 room, ranch with a view, very good food!



Name: Tony Canilla

Address: Calle Adela Azcuy #21 entre Camilo Cienfuegos y Rafael Trejo

2 rooms: (Room 1: 3 persons/Room 2 : 2 persons)

Garden, Rooftop


Name: Nereyda Rodriguez Rodriguez

Address: Calle Adela Azcuy #61 SUR

rooms with independent access  (Room 1: 4 persons/Room 2 : 4 persons/ Possibility to add more)

Vegetable garden with medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables (Bio food)


Names: Gilberto Dovales Corrales & Maricela Rivero Lopez

Address: Carretera La Ermita #2 , Barrio La Ermita

3 Rooms, one with independent access: (Room 1: 4 persons / Room 2: 4 persons / Room 3: 4 persons with private terrassa)

Rooftop with view over the mountains and the town / Kitchen Free service/ Car drive free to the town / Parking for 4 cars

Possibility to rent all the house



Name: Yakelin Rodriguez Garcia

Address: 7 min to the center / Calle A # 44 entre calle Arroyo El Duelo y passage B

1 room with independent access: minibar, hair dryer fan and air /Botanic garden, ranch, parking, rooftop with a view / Very quiet


Name: Yelenys Valle Albisa

Address: Adela Azcuy Norte #61

2 Rooms with independent access (Room 1 : Wood house for 4 persons/ Room 2: For 3 persons)

Minibar, hair dryer, terrassas, WIFI , parking for 2 cars, english speaking


Name: Ailyn Rivero Garcia

Address: Calle Sergio Dopico #36

1 room with independent access for 4 persons 

Minibar, rooftop with view, fan


Address: Calle 3ra #26 entre 2da y Sergio Dopico

2 rooms with private table to eat (one of them has independent access) (Room 1:  4 persons / Room 2: 3 persons)

Rooftop with view to the mountains

« CASA OLGA Y ERNESTO – Osmani fotografo – »

Name: Yuliet Moreno Rodriguez

Address: Calle Sergio Dopico #20 SUR

2 rooms for 4 persons each one

Parking, WIFI, 2 terassas

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