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A lot of you would say : it is the most beautiful place in Cuba. Well, I would say, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The landscapes, the mogotes, the red earth, the pines, the palms, the “guajiros” and this eternal sun, the nights under the stars and the morning sunrises, make this place very unique.


Viñales is a town, situated in Pinar del Río. It is in the Ouest of Cuba, 2h from la Habana. It is 5 minutes walking from the National Park of Viñales, which was qualified as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1999.


The rounded mountains specific to this place are called “mogotes”, and are full of caves and rivers, the rock is lambstone because all of this mogotes were once upon a time, under sea water. Also, the red earth is full of mineral which allows to cultivate tabacco plants of premium quality.

The climate is between 25° and 35 °, and at night, it can be a little bit cooler (20°). The best season to go to Viñales is from November to March, as it doesn’t rain. Otherwise, you will have to visite the park under the rain, almost every afternoon! But don’t worry, the sun always pops out.

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Viñales town has become very touristic, and the tourism is ver ephemeral as people stay in general no more than 3 days. Indeed, majority of them regret not to stay more.



This region is above all known for its tabacco fields where leaves are collected to make the famous cuban cigars.

The activities are most of the time horse riding in the Valley, visiting a few caves, bike riding, hikes, and salsa in the plaza until 1 am.

I’ve never seen a beach like that

Only 60 km from the town, there is one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. Cayo Jutías.

You can’t stay there to sleep, because there is no hotels. And in low season, it can happen that you find yourself alone in a beach, if you walk a bit outside the paths.




If you stay more than 3 days in Vinales, it is really worth it to go and stay one day. Count 15 CUC per person for a car that goes there, waits for you until 4/5 pm, then picks you up to bring you back.

The only negative point: 60km, but 2H to go, and 2H to come back. Why? because of the roads status. But think a bit. If it wasn’t like that, maybe those paradise beaches wouldn’t be as pure and beautiful, because there would be crowded ..


To conclude, if you come to Cuba and you don’t stay in Viñales, you will regret it. So, to avoid that, come here and we will welcome you with open arms.

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