Cuba, a paradoxal country

  • Very controlled, but at the same time, you’ll feel inexplicable freedom
  • No unlimited internet, so what, enjoy the present moment
  • Taxis drivers are doctors, lawyers, barmen are engineers, architects
  • People can’t leave Cuba Island but they are the most joyful people of America
  • Beauties in ruins everywhere
  • Cars from the 50’s with conditioning air
  • Minimum salary is 12 $ per month, and olive oil cost 10$, shampoo 3$, cereals 6$
  • Even with this salary, there is no one in the streets. Everyone has a home in general

Cuba is a country like no other. With its pour and its cons.

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Cuba Climbing

I just want to give some tips to the many climbers that come to Cuba every year. If you come to Viñales it would be crazy not to climb, and if you are a beginner, its a good place to start! A lot of climbers that come each year compare the climbing here to Thailand, Greece or South Africa. If you love limbstone, tuffas, roofs and caves, here you will find your joy.

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