Cuba Climbing Festivals

As every year, cuban climbers are organising the new national climbing festival ! Started around 15 years ago now, we have continued it year by year. It is not a “legal” festival, but with the help of outside organizations, they have been possible through the years. The climbing is now recognized as a sport by the government, but a lot of work still to do in terms of rights that the climbers have.

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Donations you could bring

In Cuba, there is no shops. You won’t find a Nike store, a H&M, you wont find “Carrefour” or “7eleven” supermarkets chains. You won’t find a shop specialized in sports, or in something else.

What you find will be random, all the time. You can’t go to a place having already something in your mind and be sure that you will find it.

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Cuba, a paradoxal country

  • Very controlled, but at the same time, you’ll feel inexplicable freedom
  • No unlimited internet, so what, enjoy the present moment
  • Taxis drivers are doctors, lawyers, barmen are engineers, architects
  • People can’t leave Cuba Island but they are the most joyful people of America
  • Beauties in ruins everywhere
  • Cars from the 50’s with conditioning air
  • Minimum salary is 12 $ per month, and olive oil cost 10$, shampoo 3$, cereals 6$
  • Even with this salary, there is no one in the streets. Everyone has a home in general

Cuba is a country like no other. With its pour and its cons.

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How much money?

If you think that Cuba, as it is an 3rd world island lost in the caribbean, it is cheap? WRONG !

There are many things that you should know about the cuban currency.

You have probably heard that in Cuba there is a special money for tourists and an other one for the cubans. Well, it is a little bit more complicated than that!

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Viñales town


A lot of you would say : it is the most beautiful place in Cuba. Well, I would say, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The landscapes, the mogotes, the red earth, the pines, the palms, the “guajiros” and this eternal sun, the nights under the stars and the morning sunrises, make this place very unique.

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