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In Cuba, there is no shops. You won’t find a Nike store, a H&M, you wont find “Carrefour” or “7eleven” supermarkets chains. You won’t find a shop specialized in sports, or in something else.

What you find will be random, all the time. You can’t go to a place having already something in your mind and be sure that you will find it.

This is why, when you will be there, you will for sure want to help the people out there. And you think to yourself “I should have bring this and this” because you will see that a lot of things that we have do not exist in Cuba.

This is a little guide on what you could bring to Cuba:

  • Hygiene :

Tampons, liquid soap, shampoos, make up quitter, body cream, face cream, perfume (not too strong), baby diapers,

  • Health

Bandages, anti-mosquitos, paracetamol, disinfectant

  • Clothes

Shoes, Baby clothes, long leaves shirts (cubans don’t like to be tan in the arms), umbrellas, cute clothes that you don’t want to put anymore (don’t bring things that really deserve to be in the trash)

  • Sports

For the climbing: BOLTS! and the best is TITANIUM BOLTS. 

For paragliding: Well, my only glide during 2 years was a 2001 one, I used it until it rotted. I thank god it wasn’t during I was 1000m over the sea.

For skate/longboard: The wood, systems

I have a precious advice for you. And I know that not many people know that. The easiest contact you will make with the locals will be through the “casas”. I know you want to help them and let them so many thinks to thank their hospitality.

And you are right.

But please, walk by the neighbors, through the non touristic casas, little bit isolated from the center. There are the people that need the most.

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