Cuba Climbing Festivals

As every year, cuban climbers are organising the new national climbing festival ! Started around 15 years ago now, we have continued it year by year. It is not a “legal” festival, but with the help of outside organizations, they have been possible through the years. The climbing is now recognized as a sport by the government, but a lot of work still to do in terms of rights that the climbers have.

The climbing community is big in Cuba. If the best routes are in Viñales, the first cuban climber was Anibal Fernandez from La Habana. Introduced to the sport by Armando Menocal, from USA, he started himself to teach to other locals. Now, there are climbers all across the Island. In Habana, the major quantity of climbers, then, in Viñales, where they have a paradise 10 minutes walking from their homes, in Holguin, in Santi Spiritus and la Isla de la Juventud, Santa Clara… 

There are more possibilities around the island but the lake of gears, transport and communication precludes the development of it.


Here are a few pictures about the climbing festivals, across the years. 


Climbing Festivals
National Festival 2018
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When: From March 28th to April 2nd 2020

Where: Jibacoa 

It will be situated in the right of “Casa de Silvio Rodriguez”

Important Info: Only National Climbers will compete! the tourists can climb and assist to the festival, but not compete as it is a national festival. Not an international one. 



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