Cuba, a paradoxal country

  • Very controlled, but at the same time, you’ll feel inexplicable freedom
  • No unlimited internet, so what, enjoy the present moment
  • Taxis drivers are doctors, lawyers, barmen are engineers, architects
  • People can’t leave Cuba Island but they are the most joyful people of America
  • Beauties in ruins everywhere
  • Cars from the 50’s with conditioning air
  • Minimum salary is 12 $ per month, and olive oil cost 10$, shampoo 3$, cereals 6$
  • Even with this salary, there is no one in the streets. Everyone has a home in general

Cuba is a country like no other. With its pour and its cons.

Cuted from the world, every american influence has been banned. Basket ball is called “Baloncesto”, Baseball is called “Pelota”, don’t search Mc Donalds or Starbucks, or even a supermarket with all you need. It doesn’t exist.

There is no advertising, only 5 TV chains with non stop programs, indian Bollywood films every Friday, french and even american movies, in VO with subtitles.


If you come to Cuba, you have to be prepared.

Be prepared to not always get the right answers for your questions when you ask to the locals more about the politics and the way of living. 

Be prepared to live in a different world from the cubans, both being in Cuba.

Be prepared to have the sensation that you are scammed all the time, when in reality, it is just that Cuba is EXPENSIVE! For tourists, but most of all, for cubans. The staying, the food, the transportation is not that cheap! and there are not many alternatives.

Be prepared not to find what you want in the markets, when you crave for chocolate, butter, cereals, or red meat. Remember that what is surprising and annoying for you, is more for cubans. So don’t get mad. Also, remember than Cuba is a poor country, where majority of people have only traveled through what people tell them. Remember to bring donations such as tampons for women, solar cream, anti mosquitos, or what passes through your mind.

The only way to understand what is CUBA, to learn the real Cuba, is to spend time with the locals, more that just asking them things and asking, asking, asking…. to get away from the touristic paths, to ask yourself “oh, why is there this big file in front of this place” or, “why are those people dressed all in white“, or instead of complaining about the bread’s taste, ask yourself “Why is this bread testing like that“. Enjoy being cut off from unlimited internet, from social media, enjoy not being harassed by advertising, and that you are not in a mass consumerism society, to rest your eyes, your mind, your spirit, and to relax.

Enjoy Cuba, enjoy difference, free yourself from what ties you to the modern world.


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