Xtremos Cuba is a community of cuban extreme sports lovers that want to help every tourist searching for adventure in Cuba to discover it from the other side, the real one. Not the “Varadero and Cayo Coco” one.  And this, thanks to a real community in Cuba, the adrenaline lovers. Passionated and dedicated to what they love. 

Work doing what you love. Isn’t that a dream? In Cuba, it is hard to do it, with all the legal stuff that we have to take in account. But the good part, is that nothing will ever stop us from doing what we love. And more if we have the opportunity to share our passion with you.

This is why, if you come to Cuba, we want to show you what is possible to do other than buying tobacco and riding horses. You will see that this island is a free field for adventure and high sensations activities in nature that will make you go to places you wouldn’t even know they exist.

Those are our offers, and if you are interested to book some of them with us, just contact us clicking here.







(Begginers- Amateurs – Experts)

It is the best way to learn about the mountains and Mogotes of Viñales. There are routes everywhere, with every levels and a lot of different styles. For the beginners, it is a perfect place to start, and for the ones that already know, it will be a pleasure for you and above all a great spot to progress.


–  SWING –


In Cueva de la Vaca, we put a big “pendulum”, as a giant swing in the void. The sensations are extreme, and unique.



Also for every levels, we bring you for a tour out of the beaten tracks to see Viñales and its valley from another point of view.




This part is not yet available for flying, moreover, the climate is very outstanding in Viñales and we still exploring workable places for landing.
However, if you are interested in paragliding, we can teach you the bases of it. We have a glide dedicated for the teaching, and you will even be able to do little flights.





We bring you to camp in beautiful places, to see the sunrise or just in caves accessible only by climbing, for a night under the stars.


There can be cool walks in the valley, in the tobacco fields, between the mogotes, or they can be extreme, in caves, in up hills that sometimes need to be climbed. Best view guaranteed at the end.