RAUL – Founder and extreme sports passionate –


They call him “the hairy climber guy on his longboard”.

Raul is a cuban native, that was born in Viñales mountains. He learned to swim in a river, to take avocados from the trees, and to drink fresh water from the coconuts of his garden. One day, inevitably, he started to climb and that became his passion for now 7 years. As the was mountain being so close, he was able to train each day, until those efforts were worth it and he won the Cuban national climbing competitions in 2016.

Moreover, with the massive tourism arrival, he was able to meet climbers from all around the world and share his passion with beginners, becoming climbing guide.

12046862_172768203069017_7863757024323414779_nBut more than a professional climber, Raul is an extreme sports lover, curious about anything that provides thrills. So if you cross him, in Viñales or La Habana, don’t be surprised if he is going at full speed on his longboard, or going downhill on his mountain bike. Also, if you look above, maybe you will see him flying on his glide, walking on a high line or jumping in the void attached to a rope!

Yes, Raul is everywhere, that is why we could qualify Raul as a “passionated hyperactive guy”. And this is why you will never get bored with him. He knows every part of the Viñales Valley National Park and will make you discover places where tourists don’t go. Right now, he is in France, but his goal is to put in contact the people that share the same passion, with the correct ones in Viñales….. until he comes back.


PAOLA – Marketing / Communications and passionate  –

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Parisian and traveler, after she met Raul in Cuba, she couldn’t separate from him ever again. After he transmitted him his passions since the beginning. She was borned and raised in Paris, and is an expert in communications. Her parents transmitted her the latin culture as they are , colombians. That is why she speaks spanish, which helped her a lot in Cuba.

In Paris, her activities were more “articstic and cultural” but she always felt that something was missing in her parisian life. 

IMG_2150.JPGFor advice, sometimes, she just wanted to run barefeet of hug a tree.

In Cuba, she felt real freedom and happiness and decided to go and live there. Now that she discovered this world of extreme sports, all she focus on is that. She decided to help Raul to create social networks accounts and this web page, to have impact on the people abroad sharing the same passion.

Now, she is back in France, with Raul, to work in her second passion, her communications and marketing career.

LAZARO MENA – Passionate climber and soonabe paraglider –


They call him the second hipster in Cuba. After Fidel Castro.

Mena is a real character. Full of humor and joy, positive mind and creativity.

He was born in Viñales, and lives just near a mogote, and is what we can called tattooed “guajiro”(=countryside man). Proud to be cuban and tired that people think he is a yuma (a tourist), he gats mad if someone asks him if he needs a taxi.

The valley is his element, as he knows it like the palm of his hand. The caves, the rock, the rivers has no secret for him, well, Mena is a real adventurer. Furthermore, he is very smart: for advice, he is a qualified engineer specialized in submarine infrastructures. After living 7 years in La Habana, he decided to come back for many reasons: Firstly, his job as a barman in Viñales pays him more than his career. Secondly, he had to help his parents as his dad was sick. All we can say is that Mena is a warrior, that succeeds his goals. For advice, he built himself his home.


There is so much to tell about him, but the truth is, that you will have the best day with him. He knows climbing, he knows the caves and the good spots to camp. He is a real one. You will love him as much as we do. Check his own page : 

15590309_10154113176958202_1640323719842490224_nRaul and Paola caught in the Malecon of La Habana, in their favorite transportation.