Viñales Cuba climbing

Viñales, extreme sports and landscapes.

A lot of you would say: this is the most beautiful place in Cuba. Well, I would say, it is one of the most beautiful place in the world, and the home for extreme sports in Cuba.

A beautiful place

The landscapes, the mogotes, the red earth, the pines, the palms, the “guajiros” and this eternal sun, the nights under the stars and the mornings sunrises, make this place very unique.


Viñales is a town, situated in Pinar del Río. It is in the Ouest of Cuba, 2h from la Habana. It is 5 minutes walking from the National Park of Viñales, which was qualified as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1999, which makes this place unique.


The rounded mountains called Mogotes, make this place aesthetically rare. Inside them, you will find many caves and rivers. The rock is lamb-stone because all of this mogotes were once, underwater. Also, the red earth is full of mineral which allows to cultivate tobacco plants of premium quality.

The climate is between 25° and 35 °, and at night, it can be a little bit cooler (20°). The best season to go to Viñales is from November to March, as it doesn’t rain. Otherwise, you will have to visite the park under the rain, almost every afternoon!

The town itself

Viñales town has become very touristic, and the tourism is very ephemeral as people stay in general no more than 3 days. Indeed, majority of them regret not to stay more.


You may think Viñales is a little town with no much to do, but it is all the contrary! Firstly, there is always people on the street, the cuban people are more outside than outside, which makes this town very animated. Secondly, there is a bunch of restaurants, and this is a good thing for your belly. Thirdly, the proximity of the national park allows the tourism to be pretty developed, which helps you to find a lot of activities, and to meet a lot of people!

Climbers paradise

This is the best place in Cuba for extreme sports. The lamb-stone has the particularity to be very solid, and to provide an excellent quality for sportive climbing. As you might have heard, a lot of climbers from around the world come here each year to test the rock, known for its quality and almost not weathered. You will be surprised by the quantity of excellent routes, and this only 10 minutes walking. Because we know you are already interested, go and check our article about climbing in Cuba, where you will find a lot of useful info: HERE

The Beach

Cayo Jutías is the most beautiful beach you will see around. With its white sand beaches and clear blue water, you might feel in paradise for a while. This island is accessible in car, 60 km from Viñales town. As the road is full of holes, you might take 2h to go. However, you won’t regret your day in this typical Caribbean landscape, so don’t hesitate to prepare a trip there.

img_7372In conclusion, you cannot miss to go to Viñales, it would be a shame!

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